All area traffic improvements are required by Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), and funded by the project developer, Lingo Townsend Associates / Jack Lingo Asset Management Affiliates.

Current / Ongoing:

  • Straightened substandard curve between Cadbury and Senators entrances (Complete)

  • Improvements to address existing conditions at Kings Highway/ Gills Neck Road/ Cape Henlopen HS intersection (ongoing)

    • Phase 1

      (east/Gills Neck side of Kings Highway) – Complete

      • Add dedicated turn lanes on Kings Highway heading north (left, thru, and right lanes)

      • Add dedicated turn lanes from Gills Neck onto Kings Highway

      • Enhancements to the traffic signal at the intersection

    • Phase 2 (summer of 2016)

      (west/High School side of Kings Highway heading south (left, thru and right lanes)

      • Add dedicated turn lanes on Kings Highway heading south (left, thru, and right lanes)

      • Realignment of high school entry

      • Relocation of pedestrian path

Question: Why are road improvements happening now?

Answer: Each time a project is proposed, DelDOT evaluates the impact the development will have on area roads and determines the appropriate improvements to be made by (and paid for by) the developer, such that levels of service are not negatively impacted. The road improvements that occurred along Gills Neck Road and at the Kings Highway/ Gills Neck Road/intersection in 2015 are examples of this. These improvements were triggered by the development of the Senators community project, are private investments in public infrastructure, and benefit all properties and traffic in the area.

Showfield Road Improvements (underway)

– all required by DelDot, funded by the project developer

  • Connect to recent improvements completed between Hawkseye and Senators such that there are 10 ft travel lanes and 5 ft shoulders from the Breakwater entrance to +/-300 feet past the S-curve in Gills Neck Rd

  • Showfield entrance will be aligned with the existing Wolfe Pointe entrance – there will be a dedicated left-turn lane in each direction for access to the communities (existing right turn lane into WP and through lane heading towards town will remain)

  • Existing centerline of road will be shifted approximately 15’ towards the Showfield property, thereby softening the existing S-curve

Showfield Entrance (underway)

The entrance to the new community, Showfield, will feature an entrance monument and landscaping that relates to the entrance to the Smith Family Home on Gills Neck Road. The concrete split rail fence will be relocated where necessary and incorporated into the Showfield Community.

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