Gills Neck Village Center Origins

The master concept of the Gills Neck Road Corridor (including Wolfe Pointe, Wolfe Runne, Breakwater, Cadbury, Hawkseye, Senators, Showfield, Governors, and the Gills Neck Village Center) was developed more than 20 years ago and derives, in part, from the Urban Land Institute’s Creating Walkable Living Spaces. The goal of the Gills Neck Village Center component is to reduce the use of cars and promote a green, healthy lifestyle for the residents of Gills Neck Road, by providing walkable access to everyday necessities and services, and employment opportunities in our area.

Gills Neck Village Center Complete Application With Site Plan:
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Site Size:

The Gills Neck Village Center: 11.66 acres

The Village Center Zoning:

Current: AR-1 (Agricultural Residential District)

Proposed: B-1 (Neighborhood Business District)

Site Use:

Current: Agriculture

Proposed: Neighborhood Shopping Center

Concept Plan Area:

Commercial Space (sf): 75,000 on ~11.66 acres (Original application in 2008 contained 521,000 sf on ~68 acres, and the plan submitted in 2015 contained 215,000 sf on ~36.5 acres)

Proposed Parking: 5 spaces: 1,000sf of Gross Leasable Area (GLA)

Future - Tied to Gills Neck Village Center if Approved (from Letter Agreement between Lingo Townsend Associates and DelDOT):

  • Design and construction of auxiliary lane and bike lane improvements at Kings Highway/Clay
  • Road/Gills Neck Village Center site access
  • Right of Way dedication along Clay Road to accommodate improvements noted above
  • Contribution towards DE Rt. 1/Dartmouth Drive improvements
  • Provide 25 vehicle parking spaces for Junction and Breakwater Trail

Gills Neck Village Center Proposed Architecture

The proposed architecture concepts for the Gills Neck Village Center will be an extension of Lewes’ charm and character. The storefronts, rooflines, and materials will vary, creating an aesthetically pleasing look and feel.

Gills Neck Village Center Proposed Landscaping

The planned landscaping will complement the existing landscaping in and around Lewes. A variety of plants and trees will be used to enhance the customer experience when visiting or merely passing by the Gills Neck Village Center.

History - Gills Neck Road

Bookhammer Family Farm, Twin Oaks Farm - Now known as the communities of Hawkseye, Senators and Governors.

Question: Why is the pond called Bookhammer Pond?

Answer: Former Delaware Lieutenant Governor, and Lewes native, Eugene Bookhammer, was born and raised on Twin Oaks Farm. The Lewes native also holds a historic place in history as the only Lieutenant Governor in the United States ever to be elected in a cross-party election when he, a Republican, was re-elected at the same time voters chose Sherman Tribbitt, a Democrat, as governor.